We are so excited to have you join the Society of Curiosities! Our games are packed with puzzles and will take between two and five plus hours to play.  Every mission is a complete story so you won’t have to wait for any mailings to complete the game.  You get to play at home, at your own pace.  Feel free to take a break at any time during the game and come back at a later time.  

Getting Started with Your Mystery in a Box

Make sure to sign up for a user account on the Society of Curiosities website.  This is where you’ll find the hints and tips for success.  You’ll get the link and a signup code via email.  Once your mystery in a box (or envelope) arrives, you can immediately start playing!  

Begin by carefully reading through all of the contents and inspecting the artifacts and items included in your mailing.  From there, you’ll be able to find websites, contacts and codes to make progress in the mystery.  Use hints as needed to get small nudges.  

You might fit into one or more these types below  and we’ve created a suggested play and tips for you.  

Solo Player

This is the most challenging type of play because you don’t have another set of eyes. It’s a one person show and you’re the star!  Don’t mess it up!  

Just joking.  If you’re playing our mystery in a box solo, feel free to use hints if you feel stuck.  They’ll get you moving in the right direction.  As you play more with us, you’ll start to get a feel for how we design puzzles – and play will become easier – hint – we like to make puzzles as seamless as possible – so a first glance of the game might not look like there’s anything to start with – but there’s a lot!

The Puzzle Pro

You LOVE a good puzzle, you’re versed in code cracking and have memorized several popular ciphers.  Hints are for wimps and you will not succumb.  

You’re in luck!  Take all the time you want in cracking the case.  Pull an all nighter or break the puzzling up into several days.  Should you need a hint (it happens to the best of us), we promise you that it will be a small nudge.  Most of our hints are broken into six or more parts so as to not ruin the fun of solving the puzzle. 

Couples Date Night

A couple that plays together stays together!  Well, that can be interpreted in many ways can’t it?  But we’re talking getting close and cozy and working out your brains and problem solving skills – however else you play is your business.  

Our missions are substantial and we recommend taking a few evenings to finish the mission.  You’ll avoid mental burnout and have more reasons for a date night!  

If you start feeling frustrated, take a hint!  This is all about having fun and helping each other win! Don’t forget to try all ideas – you never know what will work – and by doing this both of you are heard and valued.  Bet you didn’t know you’d get a small dose of couples therapy did you?  You’re welcome.   

Family Game Night

Depending on how many players you have, you might want to make copies of the items in your escape room kit so that it’s easier for your players to go over the content.  We also recommend a few phones and computers to check out the online resources when you’re led to them.  

Remember, this should be fun!  Use your hints when/ if you feel frustrated and don’t be afraid to break the game into  a few nights of family fun.  

Our biggest tip:  Try everyone’s suggestions – you never know what will work.  Better to have tried than to hear a big, “I told you so!”

Game Night with Friends

Your friends are like family (but you might be nicer to them when playing games).  Check out our family game night for tips – they’re about the same!

Friends from Afar

We’ve tested a few scenarios where groups play online together.  If you’re social distancing or if you have friends that you really want to hang out with for a few hours, this is the perfect chance to make it happen!

Either purchase multiple copies of the game for friends to use or make your own copies.  Use a site like Facebook Live, Google Hangouts or Zoom and get your game on!  

It’s super important that you are clear on what you’ve found, how you solved puzzles and what you’re working on.  If you do this, everyone will have fun!

Have Fun!

Regardless of how you play our mystery in a box, we hope you have fun and love the challenge of figuring out the puzzles.  Feel free to email us what you thing and tag us on social media @societyofcuriosities.