Game Design: Storytelling Through Handwriting

I’m currently working on a tabletop escape game that is based in a summer camp in the 1950s.  Players solve puzzles to get into campers’ boxes, where they find notes and other fun items,  and a mystery about Bigfoot slowly unfolds.  Because the game is set in the fifties and the characters are teens, almost… Read more →

DIY Scavenger Hunt Tutorial

We love creating and going on scavenger hunts! Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of going on present hunts that my mom would make to lead us to the really big special gift! Below are our tips and tricks for creating your own DIY Scavenger hunt – be it for family, friends or… Read more →

Escape Game Review: Mysterious Map Heist

We created The Mysterious Map Heist so players could jump into a game right away without waiting for a package in the mail. Happily, like our mystery in a box games, it got rave reviews! Scroll down to read some of our favorite parts and click the links for the full reviews. The Mysterious Map… Read more →