Our first two official reviews of our game subscription box (ours is an envelope), Quest for Captain Madok’s Treasure are in and we are thrilled that both reviewers loved the game!

It’s always nerve-racking and exciting to submit a game for review, and then wait to get feedback. As creators, we realize that we craft games for our style of play and that reviewers have their own preferences and perspectives, so we never know what to expect! Have I mentioned that it’s a crazy whirlwind?

Here are some of our favorite parts!

From Escape Room Adventurer:

Society of Curiosities may be one of the most brilliantly immersive at home games I’ve played in a while. The absolutely stunning attention to detail of the props, the inclusion of some great reveals, and reality questioning research items discovered later truly immerse players within the Society of Curiosities like no other game has for us.

Escape Room Adventurer

That got us giving each other high fives! Brandon from Escape Room Adventurer precisely hit on our biggest game design goal: To make players question reality and immerse players in the story. You read the full review of our solve the mystery game on their website.

Game Subscription Box Review

The adventure taken as a whole was easily one of the most satisfying games to solve we’ve come across, and truly raised the bar when it comes to world building!

Escape Room Adventurer

Another Amazing Review!

The ESCAPETHEROOMers review was another cause for celebration along the same lines. It is thrilling to read that our game blurred the lines between real world and fiction – exactly what you want when designing an alternate reality game.

There was literally a point during the game when we looked at each other and said: ” Is this real?”.


So…two down and several more to come in! We also love hearing from our players. I’ve had some mornings where I just get to chat about our game with players and it’s so much fun! We are passionate about crafting alternate reality games that immerse players completely and hearing about the experience is a true joy! Feel free to email us your thoughts!