We had the pleasure of chatting with the ESCAPETHEROOMers. Hold onto your hats as we discuss our wild ride of launching the Society of Curiosities mystery game in the midst of a Pandemic!

Fun Fact: We had been researching the game box subscription market for two years and began planning our game in November of 2019. Interesting timing indeed.

Interview Highlights: Think or Drink

The ESCAPETHEROOMers have a fun segment at the end where they come up with creative questions to ask about our game to see if they can stump us and make us drink! Watch until the end to see how we did!

Biggest Mistake!

What our biggest mistake to date in creating our mystery solving box? Find out in the video. Hint…let’s just say that there is pirate treasure floating around the USPS somewhere….but we quickly corrected that one!