We’re so excited to have you join the Society of Curiosities and play our mystery in a box! Here are a few tips for playing our game:

Divide into Multiple Days OR Be Ready to Play 2+ Hours

If you have the quarterly or yearly subscription, you’ll get entire episode of the game to play at your leisure. Each episode is a complete story and will take 2+ hours.

Happily, we break the game into three parts. The characters that you interact with via message will tell you when it’s a good time for a break. You can decide if you want to keep playing or take a rest.

If you have the monthly subscription, you’ll get one part every month so this is manageable in one sitting BUT you’ll have to wait until the next month to see how the story ends.

Read Everything (Including Tips for Success)

We try to create our mystery in a box game so you don’t have too much reading but you want to make sure you do read what is given. If you don’t read the documents, you’ll be missing out on important clues!

*If you ever find a document that is in a handwriting hard to read, check out the hints for that document and you’ll find a transcript to help you out. We’ve got your back!

And…don’t forget to read the Tips for Success. They really are helpful.

Ask Yourself, “How else can I look at this?”

If you feel stuck, a change in perspective can help. Back yourself out of that rabbit hole, take a breath of fresh air and approach that puzzle from another angle.

Keep Track of What You Haven’t Used

This is a strategy straight out of playing escape games! Always keep track of your items and circle back to what you haven’t used. Keep in mind that you might use items more than once with The Society so don’t discard and ignore an item if you have used it – it might come back into play, but we promise we’ll have clues that point you in the right direction.

Give it a Shot! (Try Ideas Out)

There are no stupid ideas! Trying things out is part of the fun of playing puzzle games or escape rooms!

As escape room designers and owners, we’ve seen many games where someone calls out the right answer and doesn’t pursue it. Behind the scenes, we’re sitting in the back monitoring room stress eating and yelling to the screen, “Try it!”

Don’t be afraid to try out your ideas, but also be aware of climbing deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole of your own creation. We’ve been there!

We hope you LOVE playing the mystery in a box games with The Society of Curiosities!