We create Society of Curiosity games to feel real. Because of that, every episode involves us searching for just the right artists to bring our vision to life. We hope you enjoy learning a little more about our guest artist featured in The Memory Stone. (And don’t worry – there aren’t any spoilers.)

Brazilian Faux Native Art

In our mystery in a box game, the Memory Stone, when Clarence Gladstone joined the excavation team in Brazil in 1934, they were on the hunt for a lost civilization and its relics. Because it was an unknown tribe, we wanted to include imagery that felt similar to the art found in South American without copying.

We collaborated with Moira Garcia to craft custom native art for the mystery subscription game.

Moira Garcia is a multidisciplinary artist and printmaker in Santa Fe specializing in Latin American art and iconography.

When we saw her work, we knew she was the perfect person to craft a new set of images based on other South American native cultures. She fused the style of the real with imagination to create something totally unique.

You can see more of her work on her website or Instagram.

Field Journal Watercolors

When we began looking for artists to illustrate a field journal, we found a lot that were talented but not in the style we were looking for. Then we found Gláucia Silva and her watercolors and architectural drawings were exactly what we were looking for!

This adorable frog is one of many illustrations you’ll find by Gláucia in the Memory Stone Game.

Her illustrations make the writings and journals of Society Member Clarence Gladstone come alive! We hope you love it as much as we do.

You can find her on Instagram or check out her portfolio.

Handwriting – The Palmer Method

Many if the items in this seasons mystery by mail were written in the 1934 and we wanted a handwriting that could be consistent with the time. Enter the Palmer Method. It came about in the late 19th century and our character might have encountered it in school.

We were giddy when we put Davids handwriting on the envelope and aged it. These little touches are what make the world of the Society of Curiosities come to life.

We scoured the internet and found David DiGiovanni who is an expert in the Palmer method. His handwriting brought the character of Clarence Gladstone to life through his letters.

If you want to make your handwriting better (or learn handwriting), check out David’s free handwriting course.

Other ways to find David:

YouTube: Fascinating videos on penmanship

Instagram: Handwriting inspiration

Mechanical Drawings of Whimsy

Kent Wilson first collaborated with us for a portion of The Posey Ring and the Chapbook. We won’t say which part to avoid spoilers – you can challenge yourself to see if you can find his style somewhere in the game.

This time around we needed an illustration of a process and knew Kent was the artist we wanted. Luckily, he was up for another creative challenge.

No spoilers here – just intrigue we hope!

Kent loves creating evocative illusions that carry stories and spark connections to symbolism and historic imagery. He often mingles his own illustration and photo work with media images or icons/symbols and loves
that kind of layering of histories and meanings. (Which is why we love his work.)

You can check out his other creations which are amazing on his website or find him on Instagram.

He Made Our Vision Take Shape…Literally

And a special thanks to my little brother, Victor Rundbaken, for taking our pathetic scribblings of a key and turning it into a 3D modeled masterpiece. He even printed a 3D model to make sure we liked the concept! We’re lucky to have such talent in the family!

Victor in an innovator and immersive event designer. In addition to being pretty savvy with CAD tools and other tech stuff, he holds the Guiness Book of World Records for The World’s Largest Blanket Fort!

He Said,”Yes” to the Weirdest Inquiry

I can’t imagine what Ynocencio Ccahuana thought when he got our email asking if he’d take a picture of a specific replica in a specified background. BUT…he said yes!

This isn’t the same piece that’s in the game but we love it. We don’t want to give away too much before you play our mystery game!

Ynocencio crafts beautiful replicas of Peruvian artifacts. We can’t say what it was or it would ruin the surprise but if you like the image of the item in our mystery game and are intrigued, you can purchase your very own on his site! You can also see all of his other art on his website.

And, yes, we took the liberties of putting a Peruvian artifact in Brazil – but who knows – this ancient civilization might have known a good thing if they saw it. After all, copying is the highest form of flattery!

Whew! That’s a lot!

We hope you had fun taking a peek into the creation of the art and graphics in our latest solve a mystery game – The Memory Stone. Can’t wait for you to play it and hear what you think!