We do a TON of research when creating our mystery in a box games. For the Fairy Tale Files game (think Fairy Tale meets True Crime) – we went back to the Brothers Grimm and reread their versions. These are much more gruesome than the versions that are told to children today.

Below are a few fun stand outs we found in researching the Snow White Story – have fun reading!

Dance as Punishment

The original version by the Brothers Grimm had a different, and more gruesome ending for the queen than many of us know from Disney.

To punish the queen for the attempted murder of Snow White, the prince orders the Queen to wear a pair of red-hot iron slippers and to dance in them until she drops dead.

Don’t Trust Mom!

In an earlier version of Snow White, the evil queen is Snow White’s mom. She is so envious of Snow’s beauty that she takes her to pick flowers and then abandons her. Nothing like a little story of your mom getting rid of you to give you sweet dreams.

Necrophiliac Prince?

Have you ever paused to think about the prince in Snow White? He stumbles across a dead girl and falls in love with her. Hmmm…. Interesting. In the version most of us know, he then kisses her and she wakes up. Other versions are more disturbing.

In one version, the prince takes Snow White in her coffin to his palace. He is so enamored of her that he has the coffin taken everywhere with him. It is not until a disgruntled guard hits Snow White’s back in frustration that the apple dislodges and she wakes up.

Another similar tale has Snow White waking up after she is jostled in transport to the Prince’s castle.

Nonetheless, this prince is carrying around a dead girl because of her beauty. That has to raise some red flags.

Snow White is awakened when the men carrying the coffin stumble.

Third Time’s a Charm

Is it just me or is Snow White a little dim? The evil queen disguises herself and shows up to the dwarves not one but three times and each time our little Snow trusts her. Is Snow’s story just Darwinism or is the queen a rockstar master of disguise and guile?

In the Brothers Grimm version, the queen first offers corset laces, then a comb, then the poisoned apple (which is a snazzy half white, half red apple). Snow White falls for the tricks each time!

Yum! Liver and Lungs

In the Brothers Grimm version, the evil queen orders the huntsman to kill Snow White and to bring bank her liver and lungs. This is not just proof to the queen of Snow White’s demise. The evil queen plans to eat the organs! Was this to assume the power and beauty of Snow White or just a light snack?

Interesting fact we came across in our research: One theory surfaced that the choice of liver and lungs shows the queen as a social climber. True royalty would eat parts like ears and testicles. The more common people would have liver and lungs (which aren’t as easy to distinguish). Food for thought.

Love Mystery?

If you love Fairy Tales and mystery, you’ll love the Fairy Tale Files solve a mystery game! Our lighthearted murder mystery games will seem tame compared to these stories!